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Aberrant, by Dan Oles

Aberrant, by Dan Oles

Dan’s artwork is showcased on the website Deviant Art, where he is known as Jarred Spekter. Click here to go to Dan's gallery.

“Jarred Spekter is the name of the main character in a graphic novel I wrote called Last Case. He was a cop who was killed and returned as a ghost to solve his own murder.

“When I began experimenting in the plastic arts, I didn't attempt anything too ambitious. At first I just made things out of paper: paper castles, paper armor, paper statues. I started drawing by copying images from my family’s Renaissance art books and cartoons from my uncle’s comic books.

Sonic HedgehogSally Acorn

Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn

“I didn’t get any official training until high school, when a family friend suggested a course at the Seattle Art Museum in painting and sculpture. I always assumed the artwork I admired could only be created by the gods. I was amazed to discover that this stuff could be done by mere mortals, maybe even me!

“I mostly do illustrations now. My style is intricate, heavy, akin to Western graphic novels. I prefer Western style to anime, because it’s more detailed.

“One of my recent projects has been a re-imagining of the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a way to film my six scripts based on Sonic. The right clips simply aren’t available.

“Princess Sally Acorn is my redesign of Sonic’s counterpart and significant other. My rendition borrows heavily from the style of the Elfquest comic series. I wanted to give Sally the look of an exiled royal (hence her acorn diadem) as well as a worker (tool belt and backpack), a warrior (combat ready boots and shoulder pads), and a teenaged girl (hair 'just so' even in exile). I always imagined her as being Sonic’s senior and a bit taller than him.”