Dan's Bio


Alien Mercenary

Alien Mercenary, by Dan Oles

Dan, AKA Bloodrunsclear, founded his own YouTube channel in 2007. The response to his 132 trailers for fake movies or films based on video games (23,000 views) has been tremendous. (Studios, take note!)

Dan also uploads his trailers and short films (to significant acclaim) on using the alias Vorpalblade. The name is a reference to the poem “Jabberwocky” in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass: “The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!”

“Bloodrunsclear is a reference to the television show Farscape.The aliens called Luxxons have a curious biological condition: when wounded, they must allow their blood to keep running until it turns from black to clear, signifying no further risk of infection. In my work, I allow the purity in things to triumph over the infected matter. After the blood runs clear, the danger is past.”

Where does he gather his clips? “Online...a site that shows old and new movie trailers and another that has video game trailers. Some from YouTube. I have a good memory for scenes and actors. Occasionally I find things by typing in keywords and seeing where that takes me.”